Clusta is a new online platform created by a group of university students in London, which seeks to aid people's creation of new concepts through collaborative and democratic means.

We have gone about this by targeting what we believe to be current hindrances to collaboration.

We believe that people's identity and image can often get in the way of discovering new ideas, therefore we changed the way ideas are viewed on Clusta so that you are only able to see the creators' and collaborators' profiles after viewing the idea on its own.

We believe that long lists of information can be a negative and uninspiring way to sort through information, particularly for more creative minds, so we instead have chosen to display our information in circular nodes, which expands outwards so you can scroll in any direction, creating a more three dimensional, visual experience while not losing any efficiency.

We believe that it can often be very hard to judge the worth or legitimacy of ideas before they have been created (especially if you're on a site full of them!) So we decided to introduce the join button. Similar to a 'like' on current forms of social media, the join button allows all users involved with a certain idea's development to join a concept to express their demand for it. This means that ahead of time, you can discover whether an idea would have real value upon its creation.

We hope that through this new system, we can create a place where people are able to freely collaborate together efficiently and effectively, so we may discover and develop the concepts that can truly change the world for the better, together.

Contact us: info@clusta.org

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